Our services are centred around intellectual property that can be registered. We protect innovation, design, and branding across all sectors of industry, and at all stages in the supply chain.

For each IP right we offer services covering strategic advice, pre-registration searches, registrations and renewals, oppositions and dispute resolution. We handle work throughout the world, working with local colleagues in over 100 countries.


Our attorneys specialise in one or more sectors of industry, which enables them to provide quality advice with a commercial focus.

Our patent specialists have detailed understanding of the background technology, which ensures that your patent applications are prepared with the correct scope, reducing the likelihood of challenges from third parties and objections from the patent office.

They also advise whether other forms of protection would be more appropriate. Our brand specialists work with brand managers for leading brands and their advice is commercially focussed making sure that you get the best value from your budget.

Patent Oppositions

Our team blends legal expertise with commercial know-how to ensure that the oppositions match your business needs

A successful opposition requires a unique set of skills.  In addition to a strong understanding of the technical and legal aspects of a case, attorneys must convey complex arguments clearly and concisely in both written and oral form.  Our experienced attorneys combine these skills with a strong commercial understanding developed over many years working with multi-national clients across all sectors.

Whether the opposition is part of a larger litigation strategy or simply filed to keep development options open, our sector specialised teams provide tailored oppositions that address the specific needs of our clients.   We understand that the commercial factors driving a decision to oppose a patent are often as important as the arguments upon which it is based.

In cases of high importance we work closely with our clients throughout the opposition process to ensure that their strategic goal is reached.  At the other end of the spectrum,  our wealth of experience enables us to provide “off the shelf” solutions that offer quality oppositions without undue burden to the client.

Whatever the needs and expectations, we provide a variety of costing structures that balance the legal and scientific aspects of a case with its commercial importance.

Our performance in opposition proceedings, representing both patentee and opponent, is reflected in our growth and continued success.

Over the past 5 years our opposition practice has more than doubled as clients have benefited from our blend of legal and commercial expertise.  Despite this rapid expansion, we have maintained an exceptional rate of success, with Reddie & Grose consistently outperforming the industry average.

Over 50% of the cases in which Reddie & Grose acted for the opponent have led to the patent being revoked, compared to the industry average of just 29%.

Central to our success is recognising the importance of high-quality training.  We introduce our next generation of opposition attorneys to contentious work at an early stage and use mock hearings to help them develop their adversarial skills.  Complementing this organic growth, a number of our opposition team come from in-house roles, bringing extensive experience in managing litigation; settlements and oppositions.

Reddie & Grose’s oppositions practice has attorneys based in our London, Cambridge & Munich offices led by: Will Ponder and Paul Loustalan in the Advanced Engineering, Manufacturing and Materials sector; Robin Ellis and Phil Bates in the Biotechnology, Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals sector; and Pete Sadler and Nick Reeve in the Electronic & Electrical Engineering and Software sector.

If you would like to contact the team, please email: or


13th Mar 2024
Acceleration of Oppositions for UPC

As reported previously, the EPO has confirmed that it will accelerate opposition proceedings when there are parallel pending infringement or revocation actions before a national court of a contracting EPC state or before the Unified Patent Court (UPC). The aim of accelerating opposition proceedings is to increase legal certainty for parties involved in the parallel […]

12th Dec 2023
European Patent Office will accelerate oppositions where an infringement or revocation action is instituted before the Unified Patent Court or another court

In the November 2023 issue of the European Patent Office (EPO) Official Journal, the EPO has confirmed that it will accelerate “parallel opposition proceedings” in the interest of “legal certainty and procedural efficiency, as well as high quality and uniformity in the European patent system”. Such “parallel opposition proceedings” take place when an infringement or […]

13th Nov 2023
G 1/22 and G 2/22: The EPO Enlarged Board Appeal Decision on entitlement to claim priority

On 10 October 2023 the Enlarged Board of Appeal (EBA) issued its decision on consolidated cases G1/22 and G2/22. The two cases raised several interesting points regarding entitlement to claim priority. In summary, the EBA concluded that: Background: As reported in our blog the referral in consolidated cases T 1513/17 and T 2719/19 concerned the following […]

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