Our services are centred around intellectual property that can be registered. We protect innovation, design, and branding across all sectors of industry, and at all stages in the supply chain.

For each IP right we offer services covering strategic advice, pre-registration searches, registrations and renewals, oppositions and dispute resolution. We handle work throughout the world, working with local colleagues in over 100 countries.


Our attorneys specialise in one or more sectors of industry, which enables them to provide quality advice with a commercial focus.

Our patent specialists have detailed understanding of the background technology, which ensures that your patent applications are prepared with the correct scope, reducing the likelihood of challenges from third parties and objections from the patent office.

They also advise whether other forms of protection would be more appropriate. Our brand specialists work with brand managers for leading brands and their advice is commercially focussed making sure that you get the best value from your budget.

Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

We are experts in devising overall strategies for maximising patent (and SPC) protection for a product.

There are a number of challenges faced by those seeking to maximise revenue from inventions in the chemical field, in particular within pharma and biotech. Patent term is limited, generally to twenty years, although in some jurisdictions it is possible to extend protection for up to five years for specific products using Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs).

Nevertheless, it is likely that a biotech or pharma IP owner will only begin to recoup their R&D investment when a product receives Marketing Authorisation and enters the market – often ten to 15 years (or longer) into the lifetime of the patent. This means that the effective duration of the IP protection available to a biotech or pharma business is limited in comparison to that in other fields. Strong patent protection worldwide is therefore vital to ensure that a biotech or pharma IP owner enjoys the rewards of their research and development, following product launch, for as long as possible.

Further, patent protection is also important prior to launch, because for a small start-up company for example, this is likely to be the asset that is most attractive to potential investors or larger companies wishing to acquire rights in the product and/or company.

Our clients

Our clients include: a developer of high-performance enzymes; a biopharmaceutical group developing medicines in areas including reproductive health and urology; a developer of innovative blood coagulants; a global pharmaceutical company developing treatments for bacterial infections, metabolic disorders and inflammation; a developer of oral small molecule drugs; a developer of innovative technology for the production of metals and alloys; and a fertilizer exploration and development company.

Our experience

We work closely with companies in the UK and overseas helping them to obtain worldwide patent protection to maximise their investment in research and development. We are experts in devising overall strategies for maximising patent (and SPC) protection for a product – for example by filing strong initial patent applications, and, where appropriate, creatively drafting claims for follow-up applications covering new and inventive formulations, combination products or medical indications to further extend protection.

Our experience in obtaining patents worldwide, and broad network of trusted contacts, ensures we can advise how best to claim an invention in any given country, even in the face of variations in patent practice throughout the world.

On the other side of the coin, it may be necessary to take steps to remove an invalid patent, so our client is free to launch their product. We are experts in assessing freedom to operate in the chemical, biotech and pharma fields, and taking the necessary steps to invalidate potential problem rights, if necessary.

Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
20th Nov 2023
Gilead Sciences v NuCana: Lessons for parallel UK and EPO proceedings

In a UK Patents Court case decided earlier this year, Gilead Sciences v NuCana, Gilead sought revocation of the UK designations of two of NuCana’s European patents, EP 2955190B1 and EP 3904365B1, from the same family. These patents covered NuCana’s anti-cancer drug acelarin. NuCana counterclaimed that their patents were infringed by Gilead’s anti-viral products containing […]

Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
3rd Nov 2023
Innovation in contraception – time to birth some new ideas?

The introduction of the contraceptive pill in 1960 gave women economic freedom, sexual liberation and unprecedented autonomy over their bodies. However, over 60 years after this milestone, and given the adverse side effects of hormonal contraception, there is a considerable way to go to improve methods of contraception.  The pitfalls of the pill are well documented; […]

Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
18th Oct 2023
World Menopause Day 2023: A brief overview of innovation within the menopause space

Today (18th October 2023) is World Menopause Day. According to the NHS, this day is needed to: “raise awareness, break the stigma and highlight the support available for improving health and wellbeing for those experiencing menopause.” Currently in the U.K. there are an estimated 13 million peri or post-menopausal women, with 77%[1] finding at least […]

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