Leading trademark attorney firm Reddie & Grose is an attentive, conscientious and detail-oriented adviser to IP-rich businesses of all shapes and sizes. Able to offer all non-contentious trademark services in-house while putting together excellent external teams for contentious matters, the outfit sees IP portfolios as practical puzzles rather than academic exercises. A trademark attorney with 30 years’ experience, Alice Findlay “is absolutely amazing – calm and experienced; you’ll never see her looking flustered”. “Very knowledgeable in both patent and trademark law, she provides clients with all the options and gives great guidance.” Outside her practice, she serves as chair of PAMIA Ltd, the mutual insurer of UK and Irish IP practitioners. Non-contentious ace Helen Wakerley has particular expertise in the automotive sector. “Helen takes a common sense approach to matters; she is great at analysis and strategy, but cuts right to the point. She has an excellent understanding of the UK and European trademark systems and is down to earth and enthusiastic.” “Her tenacity and smarts are secret weapons in resolving potential conflicts. Responsive, supportive and creative, she makes sure to offer advice that is always pithy, practical and client-focused.” Versatile herder of portfolios Tom Sharman is “a solid up and comer” who has clearly learned from the very best. “One of the few practitioners who still does both patent and trademark work, he is smart and sensible – a good guy and a good lawyer.” (2020)