Our services are centred around intellectual property that can be registered. We protect innovation, design, and branding across all sectors of industry, and at all stages in the supply chain.

For each IP right we offer services covering strategic advice, pre-registration searches, registrations and renewals, oppositions and dispute resolution. We handle work throughout the world, working with local colleagues in over 100 countries.


Our attorneys specialise in one or more sectors of industry, which enables them to provide quality advice with a commercial focus.

Our patent specialists have detailed understanding of the background technology, which ensures that your patent applications are prepared with the correct scope, reducing the likelihood of challenges from third parties and objections from the patent office.

They also advise whether other forms of protection would be more appropriate. Our brand specialists work with brand managers for leading brands and their advice is commercially focussed making sure that you get the best value from your budget.

27th Nov 2023

Powering Tomorrow #3: Modular reactors mark renaissance for nuclear patent filings

Companies active in nuclear fission-based power have historically filed relatively few patents. It is likely that this was because problems encountered in their nuclear power plant development were specific to individual power plants. Why protect the resulting inventions if they were unlikely to be used elsewhere? However, the development of modular reactors such as small modular reactors (SMRs) and advanced modular reactors (AMRs) could change this mindset. Suddenly, the product becomes scalable, capable of being built in factories and exported around the world. There is more potential to licence technology, or sell modular units, and therefore patents for this technology may become more valuable.

24th Nov 2023

Lessons in Success through IP Strategy: A look at ARM Plc

The UK is a global leader in semiconductor chip design, packaging and intellectual property. This expertise positions the country in a critical role to play in shaping the future of semiconductor technology. The announcement of the National Semiconductor Strategy in May of this year came as a positive to see that the UK Government is committed to investing in the semiconductor industry.

22nd Nov 2023

Powering Tomorrow #2: Powering Towards the Fusion Era

Nuclear fusion is regularly touted as the holy grail of sustainable clean energy: it produces no carbon emissions, uses readily available fuel, and produces vastly more energy per unit of fuel. However, for many decades fusion-powered technology has been a ruinously expensive pipe-dream confined to multi-governmental research projects or the realm of science fiction. The nuclear fusion research community have been proclaiming that commercial fusion reactions are “30 years away”, while resetting their estimate every 5 years or so.

21st Nov 2023

Powering Tomorrow #1: Nuclear’s Behind-the-Scenes Influence

The pursuit of a sustainable future has never been more urgent, and the nuclear industry is emerging as a linchpin in the global effort to achieve net-zero emissions. Over the coming weeks we will delve into the role of intellectual property within the nuclear sphere, looking at developments in traditional nuclear power as the industry strives to adapt to the sustainable energy landscape of the future, and at the potentially revolutionary impact of nuclear fusion.

20th Nov 2023

Gilead Sciences v NuCana: Lessons for parallel UK and EPO proceedings

In a UK Patents Court case decided earlier this year, Gilead Sciences v NuCana, Gilead sought revocation of the UK designations of two of NuCana’s European patents, EP 2955190B1 and EP 3904365B1, from the same family. These patents covered NuCana’s anti-cancer drug acelarin. NuCana counterclaimed that their patents were infringed by Gilead’s anti-viral products containing the compound sofosbuvir.

14th Nov 2023

Trade marks for plant-based alternatives – will we see objections?

In a competitive market, where having a well-recognised brand on supermarket shelves is key, it’s no surprise that trade mark filings for plant-based alternatives are going through the roof. Beyond Meat alone has filed 108 trade marks at the USPTO. With past examples of granted and rejected trademarks, Reddie and Grose outlines what is protectable and what isn’t.

9th Nov 2023

Intellectual Property Rights Improve Funding and Exit Performance of European Start-ups

A new joint study by the European Patent Office (EPO) and European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) shows that start-ups which file applications for registered Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) – including patents, trademarks, and designs – demonstrate a higher likelihood of securing funding from Venture Capital firms (VCs) and achieving favourable exit outcomes for their investors.

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