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Embracing Equity on International Women’s Day


To celebrate International Women’s Day we were delighted to co-host the annual Women of Whitechapel network breakfast in partnership with Derwent London.

As a specialist intellectual property law firm we’re only too aware that the STEM and law disciplines remain male-dominated. It’s down to all of us to build workplaces that are diverse, equitable and inclusive. And to be proactive in demonstrating that fact to those that are underrepresented.

In the spirit of “you can’t be what you can’t see”, our very own Georgina Ainscow participated in a panel session and shared details of her own journey to become a Partner at Reddie & Grose.

We hope her story can inspire more women to pursue a degree in STEM and encourage more individuals to consider the exciting possibilities presented by a career in IP.  

The transcript has been edited for clarity and length:

Q. Can you share an example of where ‘equity’ has been relevant to your career?

A. My own career path to Partner at Reddie & Grose LLP has not always been a smooth one. I was an outlier in comparison to my peers, or you could say a trail blazer, having practiced hybrid working since 2012 due to parenting commitments. This meant that at the time it was hard to have the same and equal visibility as colleagues who were in the office five days a week. Clearly COVID-19 changed this, and we all adopted hybrid working – and suddenly were all on a level footing.

Q. What kind of policies does your organisation already in place that support ‘equity’? Or what would you like to see more of?

A. I’m very proud of the way Reddie & Grose operates in terms of its flexibility. Post-maternity leave the firm was willing to listen to me and agree to my working a three day week with flexible hours and a home office set up to support my childcare arrangements.  So many women are not afforded this flexibility, and are faced with the choice of giving up their job entirely or going back full time, it’s frequently a case of all or nothing.

An exciting initiative we’re undertaking is outreach to young female scientists and engineers with events like today. For IP you need a STEM degree and as we know women are underrepresented in these subjects. Whilst it is easy to say that this is an issue for universities to tackle, I am proud that Reddie & Grose, together with other firms, is also doing its part. Lack of knowledge about the IP profession and the requirements for entering the profession is a barrier to success, so the work we are doing in this area is a good example of embracing equity.

My message to those in the audience is please don’t be put off from entering professions that today are male-dominated. We can make the changes we want to see faster with you on the inside.   

Q. Sometimes it’s said women struggle with confidence speaking up in meetings or having difficult conversations about promotions and pay rises. How did you overcome that hurdle?

A. I don’t believe lack of confidence is a predominantly female trait –men and women are equally likely to suffer from imposter syndrome. Making confidence a women’s issue is not helpful because it implies that women’s underrepresentation in professional roles is their own fault, and that this could be rectified by being more like a man. What we actually need to focus on is systemic change, to place women in a position where they can achieve the same success as men.

In any case, when we cite examples of lack of confidence in women, very often what is actually cited is a tendency for women to be more considered and honest in assessing their competencies. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I’d much rather someone say to me, I can do these aspects of the role,but I’m not so not so confident in another area – then we would support them to build this missing skill.

Q. Have you ever had to make any sacrifices in your professional career to get where you are?

A. Yes. When I joined Reddie & Grose, I stepped down from a partnership role at my previous firm to one of senior associate. It was the right decision for me at the time, and one I don’t regret. I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue my career and have that balance between work and children. I hope there will be even more choice for tomorrow’s women, to step back from a full time role without take a step down in their career or placing their career on hold for a prolonged period..

Q. What positive changes do you see within society when it comes to embracing equity?

A. I think discussions around allyship are really helpful, because it’s giving people who are coming from a position of privilege, the ability to comment on these issues. In the context of International Women’s Day, it shouldn’t just be down to women to make the changes that are needed for positive change, men need to too. Within Reddie & Grose the most positive thing I’m seeing is an investment in championing diversity and inclusion across the firm, but particularly from younger staff members. These are the senior leaders of tomorrow, and they are keenly supporting initiatives now, aimed at shaping the firm that they will take ownership of in the future.

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