Our services are centred around intellectual property that can be registered. We protect innovation, design, and branding across all sectors of industry, and at all stages in the supply chain.

For each IP right we offer services covering strategic advice, pre-registration searches, registrations and renewals, oppositions and dispute resolution. We handle work throughout the world, working with local colleagues in over 100 countries.


Our attorneys specialise in one or more sectors of industry, which enables them to provide quality advice with a commercial focus.

Our patent specialists have detailed understanding of the background technology, which ensures that your patent applications are prepared with the correct scope, reducing the likelihood of challenges from third parties and objections from the patent office.

They also advise whether other forms of protection would be more appropriate. Our brand specialists work with brand managers for leading brands and their advice is commercially focussed making sure that you get the best value from your budget.

12th Jul 2011

A review of the latest developments towards a unitary European patent

The winds of change appear to be sweeping across Europe, at least in relation to patent law. Currently a European patent is centrally examined and, once granted, splits into a bundle of national rights in whichever member states the proprietor desires. Under two new proposed EU regulations a new option will open up for a […]

8th Jun 2011

The hargreaves review

In November 2010, the Prime Minister commissioned a review into the UK Intellectual Property framework, with the aim of investigating whether IP rights are achieving their intended purpose of promoting innovation, or are, as critics have suggested, inadvertently hampering it. The findings of the review have now been made public, and the government is expected […]

6th Jun 2011

UK IPO launch peer to patent initiative

On 1st June 2011, the UK Intellectual Property Office (UK IPO) launched its pilot Peer-to-Patent (P2P) initiative, an on-line review process that allows third parties to upload prior art for inclusion in the examination of pending patent applications. Versions of the initiative have already been trialled in the USA, Korea, Japan and Australia, where they […]

1st Jun 2011

Localised goodwill and granting of limited relief in passing off cases

This judgement is confirmation that even very localised businesses can accrue protectable goodwill in service marks but highly localised goodwill may only warrant limited relief, for example a localised injunction. It is also a reminder that either party in a trade mark dispute could have significantly improved its position by registering its mark (assuming that […]

30th May 2011

US expected to make largest patent reform in 60 years

Ever since the first US Patent Act was signed by George Washington in 1790, the first-to-invent philosophy has been a cornerstone of US patent law. This, along with many other aspects of US patent law, is all set to change if the America Invents Act is passed by the US government. Arguably the most important […]

25th May 2011

US patent practice update: duty of candor and inequitable conduct

When prosecuting a patent application at the US Patent and Trade Mark Office (USPTO), there is a duty of candor and good faith that extends to each individual associated with the application. If it is shown during patent litigation that an individual intended to deceive the USPTO during prosecution of a patent application from which […]

1st Jan 2011

Swiss-type claim practice for second medical uses from 28th January 2011

Europe & The UK The Enlarged Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office (“EPO”) decided on 19th February 2010 in case G2/08 that claims directed to the second medical use of a known substance in the so-called “Swiss-type” claim format (“Use of substance X in the preparation of a medicament for the treatment of […]

8th Jul 2010

US supreme court confirms the patentability of business methods

On 28th June 2010, the US Supreme Court issued its highly anticipated decision in Bilski v Kappos relating to the patentability of business methods. The decision does not significantly change the law, and patentable inventions that relate to computer software or business methods are unlikely to be treated differently following the Supreme Court’s decision, than […]

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