Reddie & Grose LLP has an international reputation for work of the highest quality in all aspects of the patents field, which has resulted in the acquisition of major new global clients in recent years.

Insight and anticipation

Exact wording is critical to the effectiveness of any patent specification. We have years of experience in preparing patent applications and know how the courts are likely to interpret them, so we can ensure that your application and resulting patent are robust and defensible.

When it comes to navigating international territories, our established relationships with leading attorneys around the world enable us to provide you with the best quality advice.

Choose a sector

We can:

  • help you to identify patentable inventions
  • conduct searches to determine whether or not an invention is new
  • draft patent specifications to suit the requirements of different jurisdictions
  • prepare and file patent applications directly at the UK and European Patent Offices
  • file patent applications in other jurisdictions through local attorneys
  • prosecute patent applications
  • assist you in enforcing your patent rights against competitors
  • defend your patent and patents in oppositions and other proceedings when competitors challenge their validity
  • advise you on the validity of competitors' patents and the risk of infringement
  • challenge competitors' patents and patents on your behalf
  • advise on patenting strategy and the development of your patent portfolio

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